Garage Door Safety

The garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in your home. You want your garage door system to operate properly, but it should also operate SAFELY. Here are ten things you and your family should know about garage door safety:

Garage Door Safety Tips

  1. The garage door and garage door opener are not toys; they can be dangerous if misused and even cause serious injury or even death.
  2. Children should never be allowed to play with the garage door or its operating system. Supervise your children when in the garage. They should never stand, run or play near the garage door.
  3. Adults should not allow children access to the remote controls or push button wall control for the garage door system. The push button wall control should be mounted at least five feet off the floor, out the reach of children.
  4. Never stand or walk under a moving garage door. Never try to enter or exit the garage by racing under a moving garage door.
  5. When opening or closing the garage door, always keep the door in view until it is fully opened or fully closed. Make certain that no adults, children or animals try to enter or exit while the door is closing.
  6. Keep fingers and hands away from door sections when the door is opening or closing to avoid injury.
  7. Keep your garage door properly maintained to keep it operating safely. Annual maintenance by a trained professional is recommended. (see below)
  8. Remember that your garage door opener uses electricity, which can shock or kill if mishandled.
  9. Never attempt to repair a garage door’s springs or cables. These are under extreme tension and can cause injury or even death.
  10. If someone has backed into the garage door, it’s a good idea to have the door inspected and/or replaced. Even if the door doesn’t appear damaged, the operating system may have become misaligned and wear prematurely, creating a dangerous environment.

We Service & Repair ALL Garage Door & Opener Brands

With years of garage door service experience, if you own it we’ve fixed it. Our team has likely repaired every brand available (or no longer available). The technician and his truck can handle almost any service need with replacement parts available. Our goal is to take care of the service on the 1st appointment. Safety is our top priority and serious business and that’s why with every garage door service appointment we include a free 21 point safety inspection. Here are a few of the 21 areas we check: appointment so you can have a working door again

  • Check/Tighten Bearing Plates
  • Check/Adjust Spring Tension
  • Inspect Drums for Cracks
  • Inspect Lifting Cables
  • Replace Missing Fasteners
  • Test Safety Photo-Eye Function
  • Test Safety Pressure Reverse Function
  • Check Emergency Release Function

Residential Garage Door Sales & Service

For homeowners in southwestern Ohio, call Nofziger Doors for new residential garage doors sales and service. Nofziger has installed garage doors in the Columbus OH metro area for over 70 years.

The garage door is the largest moving object in your home and you likely use it every day. Make sure you, your family and your pets are safe. Book a tune-up maintenance or service appointment today and receive a FREE 21- point safety inspection.


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