Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers

Most of us take our garage door openers for granted until they quit working. Unfortunately, this always seems to occur during a downpour or on a morning when you’re running late for work. Whether you are trapped inside or out, you’re likely to hit the button several times before it finally registers that the door is NOT going to go up or down. This can lead to a feeling of dismay because the majority of us have never had to move a 300 lb door in order to get our cars out.

So, what do you do when your garage door opener quits working?

Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers

Before you replace your garage door opener, check to see if you can fix the issue.

garage door openers Nofziger Doors Dublin OHCheck the Power Source

The very first thing you should do is try to open the door using the button inside your home rather than the remote or the touchpad outside. Many times the problem is nothing more than a bad battery in your remote. The battery in touchpads that sit outside in cold can quit even when they are relatively new. Replace your battery and you should be good to go. 

However, if your door won’t open or shut with the indoor button, then make sure your garage door opener is plugged in. Some units are hardwired, so if you don’t see a cord plugged into an outlet, check your fuse box and make sure you didn’t throw a breaker.

If you did throw a breaker, then reset it. However, if you find that the power surge keeps recurring, you should probably seek out a garage technician. The unit might not be wired correctly.

Is the Motor Running?

While the power supply is always a good place to start, it’s not always the issue with garage door openers. The next thing, when troubleshooting garage door openers, is to check the motor.

Can you hear the motor turning when you press your remote? If the motor does not turn and you have determined that there is power to the unit, then you should probably start shopping for a new opener. If the motor does turn, but the door does not go up, chances are that there is a problem with the linkage or with the door itself.

Troubleshooting Linkage Issues

A chain or belt connects the motor to the door. When the motor engages it moves the chain one direction or the other depending on whether you are opening or closing the door. The chain runs along a track that guides and shields it.

  • Check to make sure the chain is not broken. It should connect the motor to the anchor on the garage door.
  • Inspect the guide track to ensure that it is not bent in some way that might cause the chain to catch.

If your motor is engaging and the chain or belt is intact, then the problem probably lies with the garage door itself.

garage door openers Nofziger Doors Dublin OHHow to Troubleshoot Your Garage Door

Unhook the garage door opener chain from your garage door. (You will have to do this regardless in order to raise or lower your door manually.) Try raising the door. If the door catches or won’t lower properly, then you need to call a garage door repair company. It could be that you have a broken spring or your garage door track might be bent. These are issues that can’t be easily fixed without the proper tools or know-how. 

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