When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

Most homeowners have one central goal – to make every appliance last as long as possible. A long lifespan is far more desirable than a short one in any system…and your garage door is no exception. Knowing when your garage door’s lifespan is up can be tricky, so we’ve prepared a guide to help you know when you should replace your garage door.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Garage Door?

A properly-maintained garage will last 25-35 years. However, a garage door’s lifespan can depend on a number of factors, including quality, installation, and treatment.

Common Problems in Garage Doors

Not every problem requires replacement. Here are some common problems that can probably be repaired before replacement becomes necessary.

1. Sagging

If one side of your garage door sags lower than the other, that places more strain on the lower side. Every time the garage door closes, the sagging area bears the brunt of the weight. This causes your garage door to wear down fast, so if you notice your door sagging, have it looked at immediately.

2. Heavy door

A heavy door usually indicates worn-out springs. The springs assist the garage door lift motor so that not as much weight is placed on the mechanism. When the springs wear down, the door appears heavier as more strain is placed on the motor. Your garage door springs are also what allow you to manually lift the garage door if the power goes out. Worn-out springs can be replaced, but make sure you act before the problem develops into something bigger.

3. Physically damaged panel

A damaged panel isn’t usually a big deal. A professional can swap out panels fairly easily. However, you should fix this sooner rather than later. If it gets to the point that more than one panel needs replacing, the repair becomes a little more complicated. Types of garage door repair can vary depending on the issue.

Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

These 3 things typically point to a need for replacement.

1. Long-term problems

If you are experiencing the same problems over and over again with your garage door, you might need to look at a replacement rather than a repair. It’s better to invest in a new garage door than to keep fixing up an old one with poor results.

2. Severe or expensive damage

We understand that “severe” is a vague term, but think of your garage door the same way you would think of your vehicle. If the damage is bad enough, it makes more sense to put the money towards a replacement rather than fixing up an old model.

3. Age

If you’re experiencing issues with an old garage door, you’re probably better off replacing it with a new one. Not only will it have an updated look, it will run better and likely be more energy-efficient.

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