The Best Man Cave Garage Door

A man needs a space to call his own and what better place than the garage. Not many wives care too much what goes on out there and there is plenty of room for tools, old sports trophies, and even those Samurai swords with the snakeskin hilts you just couldn’t live without. Many men go all-out on their garage man cave and set-up offices, workshops, and even entertainment systems. The design depends on your hobbies and interests, but one thing that all garage man caves must have is HEAT. To stay warm you need to install a heater and the right man cave garage door.


insulated garage doorsObviously, if you have a significant amount of money to invest in your project, then there are no limits to the “cool” things you can do to your garage. However, let’s assume that your budget is modest and all you want is a comfortable space where you can decompress.

As we said before, there is one thing that every garage man cave needs! It needs to be warm. Shivering in the cold is NOT relaxing. To stay warm you need to generate and keep heat inside your garage. Infrared heaters work well and can create a lot of heat for very little money. Strategically place a couple in the corners of your garage man cave and that should do the trick. Avoid benzene heaters. Without proper ventilation, benzene can cause all sorts of nasty illnesses.

Generating heat is the first step. Keeping it in the garage is the second. For very cold regions, insulating the walls might be necessary, but for most climates, an insulated garage door is probably all you will need. 

Picking Out a Man Cave Garage Door

Insulated garage doors are a good choice for your man cave for reasons other than climate control. Not only will they keep the space toasty warm, but they also reduce the noise level. If you plan to use your garage as a workshop or relive your garage-band days with friends, then an insulated garage door will protect you from noise complaints and irritated neighbors.

It is true that an insulated garage door costs a bit more than an uninsulated door, but not as much as you might think. On average, an insulated door only costs about 25% more than an uninsulated door. The price of an insulated garage door depends on the style, the material, whether it’s single or double, in other words, a whole bunch of things.

Installing a New Garage Door

Nofziger Doors offers a wide variety of insulated garage doors. You can select from both single and double doors in almost every color or style. There are several people on site to help you find the one that matches the look and design of your house. 

The important part comes after you purchase your man cave garage door. That is the garage door installation. It won’t benefit you to purchase an insulated door if it’s not hung correctly.

“I would rather have a cheap door installed correctly than a premium door installed incorrectly. If you want a great price for a premium garage door installed correctly, then give us a call. We offer the best doors available and stand behind our installation work.” – Jon Nofziger

Garage Door SpringMake sure a qualified technician installs your new man cave garage door. The door should go up and down with ease and there shouldn’t be gaps around the door. You may want to invest in upgraded springs. If you plan to open and close the doors frequently, then upgraded long-life springs are a very good idea. You will find that the cost to upgrade is much less than the cost to replace regular springs that wear out from consistent use. 

A man cave garage door may not be the most expensive item you purchase for your new space, nor the most exciting. However, comfort is key and keeping your noise to yourself ensure good relations with the neighbors. Call now and get a quote on an insulated garage door and start planning your garage man cave.