Garage Door Safety Month… It’s a Thing!

We know it’s probably not listed on any of your calendars, but the International Door Association (IDA) has officially named June “Garage Door Safety Month.” So, it won’t hurt to take a few moments and process a few basic safety rules.

Basic Garage Door Protocol

There are several ways you can implement proper garage door safety in your home. 

1. Inspect your garage door regularly.

Most home appliances and systems need to be inspected and maintained. Your garage door is no exception. Take the time to visually examine springs, cables, and pulleys. If you notice any signs of wear or failure, call a professional immediately.

2. Close your garage door completely.

Leaving your garage door partially open at the base can cause it to fall on objects underneath when reactivated. It also presents an open invitation to home intruders.

3. Keep garage door openers away from children.

Mount your wall buttons out of reach of children. You should also keep your mobile door openers safely secured.

4. Avoid placing fingers and hands between door sections.

Getting too friendly with the edges of the garage door can result in pinched fingers, especially if a door is already malfunctioning. If you have small children, consider investing in pinch-resistant door sections.

5. Test the sensitivity of the door’s reversal mechanism.

Hold an object near the garage door’s sensors while closing it to see how well the reversal works. If it takes a long time for the door to reverse, or if the sensors fail completely, contact a professional.

6. Keep your garage ventilated.

Keeping your garage sealed as you would with your home can be extremely dangerous. Proper garage ventilation rids the area of harmful gases and chemicals.

Why does Garage Door Safety Matter?

Garage door injuries are more common than you would think. Most of them occur when the door is not operating properly.

Taking the time to properly implement garage door safety tips can save you a lot of pain and money. Honor Garage Door Safety Month by inspecting your garage doors.

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