Residential vs Commercial Garage Doors

Did you know garage doors can be both residential and commercial? Most home and business owners think of garage doors as belonging on houses, but there are plenty of applications for garage doors in the business world. Consider these differences between residential and commercial garage doors.

What are the differences between residential and commercial garage doors?

1. Size

For the most part, commercial garage doors run bigger than residential garage doors. Residential doors are made for regular-sized cars, while commercial doors often have to be big enough to house heavy machinery or to offer space for more than one vehicle.

2. Materials

Garage doors come in many materials such as wood, fiberglass, and steel. Homeowners can generally take their pick, but businesses typically have to focus more on durability. Consequently, commercialized doors tend to be made of aluminum or steel.

3. Value

A primary difference between residential and commercial doors is the installation cost. Because commercial doors need to be large, durable, and extremely secure, they tend to run more expensive than their smaller counterparts. They can also be more costly to repair.

4. Purpose

The purposes of a residential garage door are to protect home security, help house your vehicles, and to complement the exterior of your home. Commercial doors can have a number of purposes depending on the business, including security, aesthetic, and functionality.

5. Appearance

The differences in appearance between residential and commercial garage doors are not that big. Metal roll-up doors can look just as nice as residential garage doors, however to some businesses, appearance isn’t important. Rather, the durability of the metal doors is more important. The needs of both home and business owners factor into the style of each garage door.

When are commercial garage doors a good option?

Commercial doors are typically utilized for function and style. Warehouses and auto shops use typically use garage doors because they need the extra space for large machinery. On the flip side, coffee shops or boutiques use overhead doors to add a unique twist to their business’s appearance.

Commercial garage doors can be a great way to add a stylish yet functional twist on your average business model. Whether it’s your home or your business, make a statement!

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